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Experience the convenience of our virtual mailbox services! Manage your mail remotely, access it anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to physical mail clutter and hello to streamlined digital management. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your mail is secure and accessible with our reliable virtual solutions.

Sign up today for your mailbox at BoxedMail located at 78 Main St, Suite 20, Hackettstown, NJ 07840.

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Mailbox Services in Hackettstown

The key to more convenience.

You’re busy managing your business, so let us handle your mail, packages, and deliveries.

Similar to the keys to your home, car, and office, the keys to your mailbox at BoxedMail location are a vital part of your daily business operations.

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Let us be your local print shop!

Our mailboxes provide quick and easy access and are securely maintained. In essence, when you add us to your key ring, your business remains on track.

Download our Mailbox Service Agreement or reach out to us to get started.

Getting started is easy!

Download our Mailbox Service Agreement or contact us today.
1. Download the USPS Form 1583
2. Print the USPS Document and fill out all of the information except applicant signature
3. You will then need to take your two forms of ID to a local notary and sign with a notary witness
4. Once your form has been notarized, you will need to email a scanned copy of the form and your two forms of ID to the following email address:


Private Mailbox Features

A Real Street Address

Why settle for just renting a mailbox? Your private mailbox from BoxedMail includes a genuine street address, offering a more professional and established image for your small business or personal brand.

78 Main St., Suite 20-101, Hackettstown, NJ 07840

Secure Package Acceptance

Your mail and packages deserve to remain secure and confidential. We accept packages from all carriers, ensuring you never miss a delivery or risk having it stolen when left at your door.

Additionally, we provide Package and Mail Receipt Notifications, so you’ll receive a text or email alert when your mail and packages arrive.

Mail Holding & Forwarding

We’ll securely hold your packages for pickup at your convenience or forward them to wherever you are. This option is particularly useful if you require a local mailing address in Hackettstown, NJ while traveling, working remotely, or conducting business elsewhere.